Top Game Development Companies In India

By | February 17, 2020

Friends, do you know how big our Indian gaming industry is becoming over time. So today, we will talk about our Indian gaming industry and the Top Game Development Companies In India.

According to a CII REPORTS, the Indian gaming industry had 543 million USD dollars by 2014. These are the reports of 198 million USD mobile gaming industry as of 2014. It is estimated to be 628 million USD.

So that’s why if you want to be your carrier in gaming development. You will have to start your endeavour from now on.

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Also, seeing the gaming industry growing so fast in India, you and we also have an excellent chance to start a good startup of our own, which has much scope in the future.

The study revealed that there are a total of 250 Game Development Companies In India, some of which are small and some are big.

This means that two gaming startups start every month in India. There is a matter of how fast the number of smartphones in India is increasing.

So friends, if you have an innovative idea related to gaming, then there is a golden opportunity for you. To enter this industry.

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So this is what we know about the top gaming companies of India at this time.

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List Of Top Game Development Companies In India

99 Games
RV Technologies (Mohali, India)

Also, those games have been downloaded worldwide 7 million times. Also, 99 games have also received many awards for their such good brilliant innovation. The first game of this company came in 2008, which was a simple animation chess game.


Headquarter:- The principal office of 99 games is in Karnataka.

Services: -Games designing, games development, animation creations,

Popular Games:- Star Chef, SpellUp, Sultan: The Game, Dhoom 3: The Game and Many More.

Contact:- + 91-820-259-3930

Estimated Annual Revenue:- $ 3M

2.RV Technologies (Mohali, India):-

Founder: – Mr Ranjit Singh

RV technology This is an excellent gaming company. This company provides 2d 3d game development service. This is also a Very Good Gaming Company Among the all Game Development Companies In India.

That too, for different platforms. His primary office headquarters is in Mohali. like Android, iOS, Window

Together these are some of the primary services like This:-

Web and Mobile Based 2D / 3D games.
Game Development Companies In IndiaExceptional Graphical performance.
Animated 2D / 3D Asset Creation.
Flawless Gaming Experience

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