The App to Get Rid of Social Media Addiction

By | January 15, 2020

Are you a social media addict? Do you want Particular to distance from one of the apps for a few hours or days? So good news for you. An app has been designed in which you are a judge and app that attracts your attention. Jayesh and Jagrit Surisetti of Citi have designed a digital wellbeing game called Apprison. They are both brothers. Jayesh is at IIM and runs a startup, while Jagrit Surisetti, who is an engineer by profession, is currently doing a fellowship at the University of California Buckley. They claim that this is the world’s first app of its kind. The app was launched by the top 15 startups in New Delhi.

Impact on Jobs and Relationships

Jayesh told that not only students but also youth are involved in addiction. This has resulted in reduced office efficiency by 26 percent. Spending time together in homes has reduced. This has affected relationships. Preparation for the exam has started. Parents are worried that even after refusing lakhs, children are not able to give up their bodies on social media.

Sending to jail Means Blocking for a While

Through the app, in the court room, it is known how much you are using an app. What time are you using. From this, it can be decided at which time for how many hours to close the app in which time is getting more concentrated.

Get a Reward in Reward

Mentor Jawahar Surisetti told that if you walk according to the app, then you get as qualified coins. These coins provide you with a certain number of minutes to use on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or whatever platform you choose at the time of need. Using the app creates Habit and the addiction is automatically released.

Online Trend

Jagrit said that these days there is a trend of appearing online for 24 hours. In such a situation, if someone takes your mobile for 10 minutes, then you feel restless. Obviously you are in the social media addiction. This is a major problem, especially for teenage. Because the exam phase is about to begin. They are not able to make a distance from mobile even though they want topper students have already given social media, but the average and slightly more children are not able to get out of mobile. This affects health, life becomes chaotic. It took almost a year to prepare.
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