7 Simple Ways to Make Money With WhatsApp

By | December 2, 2019

You must have been using whatsapp and nowadays smartphone is available with everyone. If you have a smartphone then it will also have whatsapp which you will use to talk to your relatives and friends.

Now-a-days our routine has become such that we cannot even think of staying away from social media and whatsapp is also important in that we can chat with the people we know. Not only this, we can also do group chat with everyone by forming a family group or a group of our friends.

But have you ever thought that you can also earn money using this whatsapp. If not, today we will tell you about it in detail so that you can use it to earn money too. Let us know how you can use whatsapp to earn money.

What do you need to earn money from WhatsApp?

You must have a phone number

You also need a smart phone in which whatsapp can be installed

You will also need a good internet connection

You must have whatsapp number of many people or you should be a member of many big groups

How to start?

Now, if you have installed whatsapp and have also found the numbers of many people and have saved them, then you can start your work. Apart from this, you also add yourself to many whatsapp groups or join the help of others. You can also create your own whatsapp group in which you can add your family or friends.

Apart from this, you can also create a whatsapp group of people for any main feature like fashion, parenting, health etc. Where you can share important information and products related to it.
How to earn money with Whatsapp? (How to earn money from WhatsApp)

Now it comes to earn money from whatsapp. If you have done all the work mentioned above, then you can easily make money using whatsapp using your intelligence. There are 1-2 ways to make money from whatsapp but not many. We will tell you about all the phased methods.

# 1. Earn money through Affiliate Marketing

If you want, you can make money through whatsapp with the help of affiliate marketing. Nowadays everyone does online shopping. Many large websites will pay you a commission on selling their product, such as:

  • Flipkart
  • Amazon
  • paytm
  • Snapdeal etc.

All you have to do is go to these sites and create your account in affiliate marketing and pick up any product and send it to Oro with the help of whatsapp and encourage them to buy. If they buy that product from the link you send, then you will get its commission.

#2. By Reselling

Nowadays many apps also provide you the facility of reselling such as SHECO which is the community of SHEROES company. You can pick up any product from here and sell it online to those you know for a little more price.

For example, as a shopkeeper picks up a cheap item from a wholesale seller and sells it to his customers by increasing the value slightly, you can sell it and make money by putting it in the SHECO app.

# 3. Paid Promotion

You can also earn money by promoting a website or product. For this, you have to take his link to the Oro through your refferal and as soon as people click on that link, you will earn from it. It is also an easy and simple way to earn money through whatsapp.

# 4. Link Shortening on WhatsApp

Suppose you have read an article or seen something and you like it and you want to share it with Oro as well, then you should not only share it directly, but by shortening its link, it will also earn you money.

You will find many such websites that allow to shorten the link and also gives you money for that. All you have to do is copy and paste the link or URL from there and that website will shorten that link to you. Which you can share with your acquaintances and earn money on every click.

# 5. Via PPD

PPD means Pay Per Download means you will get commission to download any app or software. It is very similar to affiliate marketing for a long time, but in this you will have to download any software or app.

# 6 Online Tutor on WhatsApp

If you have good knowledge in a field, then you can earn money from a student by teaching whatsapp. whatsapp also provides video call facility nowadays which makes this task even easier.

# 7. Self Promotion on WhatsApp

If you make a product or can make and sell a dish, then you can promote it on whatsapp and you can earn money by selling them. It is also very profitable because it will earn you the most money and the products you make will also be sold.

So these were some methods by which you can earn money through whatsapp. If you liked this information given by us, then please share your experience with us below. We will be pleased with your experience.
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